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GLSL Sandbox


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2D Spheretracer Visualization

2D Distance Fields

Basic 3D Spheretracer

Noise Example

Procedural City Example

Compass and Straightedge Model

Simple Watershed Simulation


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hg_sdf • A library for building signed distance functions.

How to model with Distance Functions • Johann Korndorfer • NVScene 2015

Enhanced Sphere Tracing Whitepaper

Procedural Generation On Reddit

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Main Site

Article on Distance Functions

Demo Of 3D Distance Functions on ShaderToy

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Writing a Basic Raytracer

Making a Snail

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Quiet Steps by keyboarders • Kindergarden

Conspiracy • Binary Flow

Digital Dynamite • Tilescapes | Demoscene

The butterfly effect • Andromeda Software Development

Photon • Firelight

Intrinsic Gravity • Still

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