Lir Scientific

Lir is a startup I co-founded with Jean Rintoul dedicated to medical imaging for health and wellness using mobile devices.

By snipping the earbuds off headphones and replacing them with cheap carbon gel electrodes we are able to transmit electrical signals to and from the body just as you would normally send and receive audio. The audio systems in todays mobile phones are excellent, and the processors are more than powerful enough to intrepret the results.

We received funding from the, and spent the first few months of 2015 living and working to develop the prototype in Shenzhen, China. Along with physical testing and experimentation, I coded a number of iPhone apps in Objective-C and C++ which coordinated the audio system, GPU, and core data for generating, visualizing, and recording signals. Analysis was developed first in Python and adapted to the phones as well.

Ultimately it was not the work I wished to persue, but the standalone Brightly incontinence aid device is still undergoing active development.

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